Video: iPhone 4 huge signal loss problems revealed

Watch as those precious signal bars drift away with grip

Massive flaw uncovered as new iPhone user lose signal just by holding the phone.

Here's one the world didn't see coming. There's a major flaw with Apple's new iPhone 4 causing users to lose reception just by holding the phone in a certain way.

The death grip, which sees full-bar signal, and 3G internet drift down to nothing in second, comes when the handset is held in a ralitively natural position with the left thumb positioned in the top left-hand corner of the device.
Check out the solution to the iPhone 4 signal loss problems here.

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Part of the reason for the new design, with the stainless steel edges, and added grooves, was to improve reception, an issue long bemoaned by iPhone owners. It seems the new design has had completely the opposite effect.

Watch the video below to see the signal drift away to nothing.

Link: Apple (via TechRadar)