UK iPad owners: a quarter keep the tablet at home

Plus: the iPad is their preferred method of reading

UK iPad owners rarely ever take their portable Apple tablet outside the four walls of their home.

A survey was conducted among 1034 UK Apple iPad owners by Cooper Murphy Webb, to provide a better understanding of how the Apple tablets are used.

27% of iPad owners 'never' take the tablet outside the home, while 35% of them 'rarely' do. This shows that over half the iPad owners surveyed (62%) use their tablet mostly within their home.

When it came to reading habits, 31% of Apple iPad owners preferred the iPad to read magazines and newspapers, followed by their laptops/computers at 26%. Only 24% preferred print versions of the same. This probably heralds welcome news for Playboy's plan to removing nudity from their iPad app. Similarly, 41% would like to read books on their iPad over other devices.

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Other results the survey showed were 43% using their iPads for over 10 hours a week, 24% claiming it was their primary entertainment device and 37% saying they preferred using their iPad for gaming, with games consoles coming in as a close second preference at 35%.

However, when it came to internet browsing, 38% iPad owners said they would use their Apple tablet, while 55% preferred using their laptop/computer.

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Via: Cooper Murphy Webb