Tron: Legacy video to be first and only iPad iAd of 2010

iPad iAds to kick off with movie promotion campaign

iAds coming to Europe this month?

With the global cinema launch of Tron: Legacy set for this Friday, December 17th, it has emerged that the Sci-Fi flick will produce the first and only iPad-bound iAd of the year.

Having got off to a somewhat rocky start in the US following its announcement in April, iAds compatibility landed on the iPad in the recent weeks with the arrival of iOS 4.2. With Apple struggling to find companies willing to take the risk of the minimum $1 million spend on an iAd campaign, the upcoming Tron: Legacy promotion will mark a strong first in-app advertisement push for Apple’s market leading tablet.

Embedded in a number of iPad apps, the Tron advertisement will feature 10 minutes of video and image footage from the movie as well as a collection of cinema hosting timetables and the ability to download the soundtrack direct from iTunes, all without leaving the ad.

Whilst Apple’s iAd platform is currently only available in the US, the Cupertino-based tech giant is expected to roll out the advertising system across Europe this month with a range of new iPad campaigns kicking off in 2011.

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Via: AppleInsider