TRON: Legacy GPS-based LiveCycle game hits iPhone

Free game puts you on the iconic gaming grid

Prepare to be derezzed, Users!

We've seen many supremely cool movie and video game spin-off apps, but this tops the lot. The TRON: Legacy LiveCycle game for Apple iPhone allows you to control the iconic Lightcycle using your actual movements.

The world's first live GPS-based game, brought to you by Coke Zero, allows users to build a wall of light a with your movements while you're walking along, with the object of the game to make other 'users' crash into it.

Anyone familiar with the TRON franchise will be know of the epic light cycle battles of the 1982 original and the forthcoming 3D TRON: Legacy release, which we're more excited about than Christmas. Like the movie, making other people crash into your lightbeam will earn you points.

The app does have a built-in speed limit, meaning you can't just jump on a motorbike and force people to crash into your imaginary beam, prompting a ten car pile-up and this rather humerous warning on the App Store page:

"WARNING: Coke Zero LiveCycle should be played outdoors on foot and in large, open areas. Never play while operating any kind of motor vehicle. This game must be played outdoors."

The game does require a Facebook login, which will give it access to your wall and personal information, but it will allow you to play against your Facebook friends in forthcoming versions.

This could be incredible or it could be kinda rubbish. We're off to download it now, and we'll let you know the findings on the T3 App Chart. There's an Android version coming soon and don't forget, TRON: Legacy is out on December 17th.

Check out the trailer here:

Link: LiveCycle app for iPhone (via Gizmodo)