Tech Today: New Samsung Galaxy Tab coming at IFA?

Plus: Mystery Galaxy Note device also touted

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Steve Jobs had 300 patents to his name
Departing Apple CEO Steve Jobs put his name to a record 313 patents during his time at Apple, making him the most productive person in tech history. Microsoft's Bill gates is listed on just nine patents, while Google founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin have but a dozen.
Link: AppleInsider

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Wave 3 and Galaxy Note coming at IFA
The inquisitive folks at The Next Web website seem to have discovered Samsung's line-up of products for the IFA tech-fest in Berlin next week. Browsing around the Samsung IFA app APK the site found logos for the Galaxy Tab 7.7, the Samsung Wave 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note. The first two are self-explanatory, but what's this Galaxy Note device?
Link: The Next Web

Flipboard app to get TV and movies upgrade
Everyone's favourite social news aggregator Flipboard will get a major upgrade in the new future with TV shows and movies to join the web-based content already provided. Flipboard, which is a major contender for T3's App of the Year award, creates a custom magazine on your iPad featuring feeds you sign up to and articles shared by your social networking friends.
Link: Reuters

Facebook had one trillion page views in June
According to Google's DoubleClick Ad Planner rankings, Facebook had an absolutely staggering one trillion page views in the month of June. The almost unfathomable number gives Google at 46.9 per cent reach among all web users tracked by Google. The next most popular site, YouTube, has almost one tenth of the total page views. And who said Facebook was on the way down?
Link: Time

There'll be no social network bans, says Government
Following a meeting with representatives from the major social networks, the government has climbed down over its plan to ban suspected rioters from using social networks in the future. Instead, discussions involved law enforcement agencies having greater co-operation with the likes of Twitter and Facebook to offer insight in emergency situations or times of unrest.
Link: TechRadar