Tech Today: HP TouchPad sells-out after dramatic price-cut

Plus: Twitter outs User Galleries

With news from Twitter, Apple, Windows Phone and the HP TouchPad fire sale, here's the tech goss from after you logged-off.

HP TouchPad reduced to £89, sells out immediately
Hewlett Packard saw an Apple-like rush for the HP TouchPad across the UK this afternoon. It's just a shame it took a 75 per cent price-cut and residence in the bargain bin for it to happen. The company followed its US fire sale by flogging off the WebOS tablet for just £89 across many of the UK's online portals (Dixons, PC World etc), but if you can find one now you're better sleuths than us.

Windows Phone picks the WebOS corpse...
A speculative tweet sent out by Microsoft's director of Windows Phone Bradley Watson has seen 500+ WebOS developers express interest in jumping ship to the Windows Phone platform. Microsoft has promised tools and support to those hoping to create apps for the emerging Windows Phone platform.
Link: WP Central

iPhone 3GS still the second most popular phone in the US
While the Android contenders are giving Apple a serious run for its money on home soil, Apple smartphones remain completely dominant across the pond. Not only is the iPhone 4 the most popular smartphone on the block, but the two-year-old iPhone 3GS still occupies top spot despite only being available on one network.
Link: AppleInsider

Twitter adds User Galleries photo album
Twitter is rolling out a new feature, bringing together all of your uploaded photos in a User Gallery section. The album will feature the last 100 images you've uploaded through Twitter's own photo-sharing feature as well as on Twitpic, yfrog and other third-party photo sharing apps. Videos don't make the cut at this time.
Link: TheNextWeb

Google teams up with ESPN for better sports results
Google has been offering your team's latest results at the top of web searches for quite some time now, but on Monday the search giant announced a new partnership with ESPN Digital Media to enhance that experience. Starting with Baseball and rolling out to other sports, the new feature will show forthcoming fixtures, game scores, results and links to content on
Link: Google Blog