Tech Today: 3DS to control Wii 2? Windows Phone 7.5

Plus: PSN still down, White iPhone 4 coming this week

The biggest tech news from a bumper weekend of gadget gossip.

The next Android Honeycomb contender will come from Lenovo, according to reports emerging from the US this weekend. According to a leaked company presentation the Lenovo X Slate will run Android 3.0 and boast a raft of hot specs including a 10.1-inch multi-touch ISP display, 64GB memory, a Tegra 2 processor and 8-hours of battery life. The tablet will be available from July according to reports.
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The PlayStation network is being rebuilt by Sony after hackers brought the PlayStation 3's online gaming portal to its knees at the end of last week. The company says it is working around the clock to get the service back on line, but there's no definite timeline set for when gamers will be able to log-in to the PSN once again.
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Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 update will not be called Mango, but a rather less exciting Windows Phone 7.5. The upgrade planned for later this year will bring multi-tasking and will give developers access to the camera and motion sensor, meaning an influx of augmented reality experiences. We kind of liked Mango to be fair.

The hype for the Nintendo Wii 2 is starting to reach fever pitch with E3 less than two months away, but once again it's speculation about the controller that's making the headlines. The latest is that the Nintendo 3DS could control the Wii 2 and that comes straight from the mouth of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto.
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The White iPhone 4 has enjoyed a saga longer than an Eastenders whodunnit, but the release date 27th April, which is Wednesday, has been tipped in the United States. Stock inventories at electronics giant Best Buy suggest that each store will boast ten of the devices on Wednesday, ending the epic 10 month wait.