T3 iPad app subscription service tops Apple App Chart

T3 iPad app adopts Apple's in-app subscriptions

T3 iPad app becomes number opne lifestyle app

Following the launch of Apple’s in-app subscription services yesterday T3 has topped the iPad App Charts with the T3 iPad app, one of the first applications to adopt the new pre-paid services.

Now offering the digitally enhanced tablet-based app on a money-saving subscription basis, the T3 iPad app is currently the number one lifestyle iPad app with over 100,000 downloads to date. As well as topping the lifestyle section iPad touting T3 fans have helped push the app to the number five in the all app iPad charts as well as the number one grossing app on the Apple tablet.

Launching following the arrival of The Daily, the first iPad centric newspaper, the new in-app subscriptions service from Apple will allow content-based apps such as those of magazines, newspapers, video and music providers, to offer users a continued service via the App Store’s usual billing service.

Users of the free to download T3 iPad app are now offered a number of ways to enjoy the latest issues of T3 Magazine specifically attuned to the iPad. With a free preview of one of the latest issues available to whet the appetite, users can choose to download single issues for £2.99 each or opt for the variety of newly enable subscription offers. A 90 day subscription, which will provide three new issues, will set users back just £5.99, with 180 day subscriptions (six issues) and 360 day subscriptions (12 issues) costing £11.99 and £23.99 respectively.

Speaking on the arrival of the T3 subscription-based app edition, Nial Ferguson, Publishing Director of T3 said: “The arrival of subscriptions to the T3 iPad edition comes at the perfect time, as we publish our fifth monthly edition. We are now able to offer a selection of value offerings from a free trial and single issue purchase, through to 90, 180 and 360 day subscriptions."

He added: "Contrary to the reported experiences of most other magazines, T3 has seen sales of its iPad edition grow month-on-month and we have therefore seen our overall monthly circulation grow.”

What do you think of the new T3 iPad app subscription offerings? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds or download it for yourself directly from the App Store here.

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Via: T3 iPad Edition: March issue available now | Source: T3 Tech Video