Steve Jobs unveils plans for 'spaceship' Apple HQ revamp

Apple CEO Steve Jobs outs new Apple HQ plans

Steve Jobs pitches Apple HQ plans to Cupertino council

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has unveiled plans for the company’s new campus having made an appearance before the Cupertino City Council following his WWDC keynote speech and software unveiling.

Having officially revealed iOS 5, iCloud and the new OS X Lion to a San Francisco based audience on Monday, Apple’s talismanic leader Steve Jobs, who is still undertaking an indefinite medical leave of absence from his fulltime roll, pitched the company’s plans for a revamped headquarters to the Cupertino City Council.

The curved-glass circular ‘spaceship’ HQ showcased in Jobs’ plans is said to be a “human-scale” four-story building that will house 13,000 employees on a site that was previously the original home of HP’s computer systems division. Having already acquired the land that now houses little more than asphalt car parks Apple has claimed it would plump its green credentials by restoring landscape coverage from 20 to 80 per cent with apricot orchards topping the list of natural installations.

Further fighting the eco front, Jobs declared the planned Apple HQ; a facility he said would be the “best office building in the world,” would utilise natural gas and other clean energy as its primary power source. Apple intends to begin production of its new Cupertino home next year ahead of a 2015 move.

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Via: Engadget