Sony: E-books to outsell paper books within five years

"there will be more digital content sold than physical"

Paper books to be replaced by electronic counterparts

Sony, one of the market leaders in e-reader sales, has predicted that sales of e-books will eclipse those of traditional paper books within the next five years.

The head of Sony’s e-reader division, Steve Haber, is reported as saying: “Within five years there will be more digital content sold than physical content. Three years ago, I said within 10 years but I realised that was wrong - it's within five.”

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The claim by Haber is a lofty one considering that current e-book sales within the UK account for just one percent of total book sales.

Whilst many publishing giants claim that five years is far too short a period of time for e-books to overtake their physical counterparts, due to the drastically smaller initial user base, the expanding number of e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle and the Sony e-reader will undoubtedly help boost their share of the book market in coming years.

Perhaps most importantly, and a possible defining moment for the future of the e-book market, the arrival of the Apple iPad and the availability of e-books through Apple’s iBookstore will make e-books available to millions of new users across the globe.