SlingPlayer Mobile lands on iPad

New iPad app out, but comes with nasty surprise for Slingbox Pro owners

Nab the ace looking Sling app for your iPad now.

Sling Media has finally seen its ace-looking SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad app land in the App Store, having teased us with some smart official video just a few days ago.

The add-on costs £17.99 on these shores, but before you baulk at the price, remember this will let you watch TV, catch up on your favourite shows and chow down on recorded movies wherever you happen to be, as long as you’ve got a SlingBox sitting pretty under your boobtube.

Well, not just any SlingBox. See, the app comes with a rather nasty surprise. It won’t work with the SlingBox Pro. Sling Media says this is down to Apple demanding high resolution shows only on the iPad, but it still means only the Pro-HD and Solo models will work with the app.

That’s a huge miss and one which really hampers an otherwise ace extra for Apple’s slate. Has it put you off completely? Or will you be buying the SlingPlayer iPad app regardless? Tell us now on our Facebook and Twitter pages.