Sky News launches iPad-specific video app

On-demand video from the day's top stories

App will be free for now, but the subscription monster is coming to get you soon.

Sky News has launched a brand new app for iPad, featuring a video wall bringing the day's key stories to users, on-demand.

Rather like the red button action on the TV channel, the new app features on-demand video from the day's most newsworthy happenings, as well as photo galleries, text stories from the Sky News website, and interactive graphics.

Users are also able to watch the Sky News channel live, but will also have the ability to wind back the live stream if they miss the first part of a story. Stories will be added to the on-demand library as soon as they're shown on the channel.

The app, which is initially free to iPad owners, showcases a completely new design and different MO to the popular iPhone and iPod touch app. After a period of time yet to be determined, non-Sky subscribers will have to pay for the service via an in-app subscription.

The app looks like a big step forward for Sky in their battle to outdo similar apps from BBC News and CNN. The company said it was also looking to add to its 10.2 million downloads on the App Store by branching out into Android Honeycomb in the near future.

Link: Sky News (via The Guardian)