Sharp unveils e-reader to tackle iPad and Kindle

Prototype e-readers that are 'next-generation'

With a new file format to show off, Sharp is heading into new territory.

Sharp has unveiled its latest prototypes, two e-readers which signals its move into the e-book market.

The two e-readers were announced by the company in Japan this week, they have full colour screens and feature a brand new file format that's been developed by Sharp.

The file format is known as ever-eXtending Mobile Document Format, or Next-Generation XMDF for short, if you don't have the air in your lungs to say it every time either way, we won't hold it against you. While the name may be uninspiring, what it can actually do is far more interesting. It allows a much more fluid integration of both text, audio and video when being viewed on e-readers.


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According to Sharps' press release: "The next-generation XMDF enables easy viewing of digital contents including video and audio, and allows automatic adjustment of the layout to match and meet publishers' needs."

With rumours of two new iPad's being released later this year Sharp is going to have to really pull something out of the bag if they hope to even slightly dent the iPad market share.

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Link: Techradar (via Akihabara)