Apple loses right to ban Galaxy Tab 10.1N

German court rules 10.1N is different enough from iPad

After having failed to protect the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 it appears as though the revised 10.1N is now different enough that Apple will not be allowed to ban it

A German court has ruled that Apple will not be able to ban the revised Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N after it was found that the changes made were significantly different enough from that of the iPad 2.

Featuring a slightly larger metal surround the 10.1N was designed specifically for Germany as a way of getting round a previous ruling which had banned the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The ruling comes just a few weeks after Samsung failed again to get their original Galaxy Tab 10.1 back on sale in Germany with Apple being found the victor.

“Today’s ruling validates Apple’s decision to bring claims against the Galaxy Tab 10.1,” said Florian Muller of FOSSpatents. “Apple’s actions may have been aggressive, but they weren’t unreasonably overreaching. At the very least, there can be a genuine dispute over this issue.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N

Following the sales ban last year Samsung issued a revised edition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with the 10.1 landing with a revised bezel design that features more prominently on the front of the design.

Officially unveiled at MWC last year the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was given a dramatic redesign prior to launch following the official unveiling of the iPad 2 with Samsung scrapping the device’s 8-megapixel rear-mounted camera in favour of a lower res snapper and a considerably thinner form factor.

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Via: Foss Patents