Samsung Galaxy Tab passes two million mark

Best-selling Android slate breaks new record

News comes after impressive run-up to Christmas for iPad rival.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has passed the two million mark, nearly three months after it first hit gadget emporia around the world. Sammy says the numbers are down to the fact it flogs its iPad rival in 94 countries via over 200 mobile networks.

The figure is all the more impressive when you consider Samsung only announced it had sold 1.5 million Galaxy Tabs at CES three weeks ago, having hit the million mark ahead of schedule in early December.

Word on the web is that the Galaxy Tab 2 will be making an appearance at Samsung’s MWC press bash on 13 February, suggesting the FroYo-packing original might not be long for this life. Either way, the Galaxy Tab has shown Android lovers that there’s a decent alternative to the iPad.

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Via Yonhap News