Safari default settings put user's information at risk

Web browser AutoFill system open to attacks

Hack attacks risk from Safari default settings

Users of the Safari web browser are being urged to assess their default browser settings after it became clear the AutoFill option was putting their personal details at risk of abuse.

Although a timesaving alternative to the monotonous form filling associated with online shopping and registrations, the Safari AutoFill web forms option is putting users at risk of identity attack by automatically using information from their address book card.

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Unlike some systems that remember information typed into forms for future use, the controversial auto-on Safari System accesses all personal information on user's address books. Whilst the AutpFill may seem nothing more than a user convenience, it is a system that malicious websites could utilise in a matter of seconds to gain access to user’s personal data.

Representing a possible major breach in online privacy, the attacked information could be used for a range of spamming, phishing and even blackmail purposes.

Although able to be quickly and easily turned off via a simple deselect click in the browser’s settings options, in terms of safety and privacy, the AutoFill system should be made an available choice, not a launch standard. Helping hand of security fault, let us know what you think of the Safari AutoFill system via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.