PSP 2 with PS3 quality graphics touted

Latest reports suggest early PS3 visuals for next PSP

More PSP 2 specs rumours emerge

The PSP 2 is set to boast graphics close to those seen on early PS3 titles according to a source who claims to have already spent some time with Sony's next portable games console.

Speaking to IGN, the unnamed source claims that the PSP 2 will have enough processing power to deliver PS3-like graphics but did not reveal what kind of clock speed we can expect.

There was also details regarding other key PSP 2 specs including PSP Go-like dual anlog sliders, front and rear-facing cameras, a larger touch enabled display, and a rear-mounted touch panel which will respond to taps, swipes and other gestures.

Following in the footsteps of the PSP Go, downloadable games will be the preferred format as opposed to the resurrecting the UMD drive from early iterations of the PSP.

With the latest rumours suggesting the PlayStation Phone could launch in March 2011, the arrival of the PSP 2 should make it an extremely busy next 12 months for Sony.

Link: IGN