PlayStation Phone: 9 December launch primed

Invite to French event with Sony Ericsson boss points to imminent launch

Is the much-hyped PSP phone finally round the corner?

PlayStation Phone gossip hasn’t exactly been hard to come by in recent weeks. But the latest tidbit to cross our desks here at T3 Towers has really got us het up.

An invite to a Sony event in France has been unearthed by, with some very telling graphics and a very specific date. The invite clearly shows the four famous PlayStation symbols, as well as a phone icon cosying up next to them. The gathering is pegged for Thursday 9 December, just two weeks away.

The mail out reads, “Pierre Perron and his team invite you to the most anticipated presentation of the past 10 years… Thursday, December 9th, at 8pm”. Perron is the boss of Sony Ericsson across the channel, so there’s no doubting this has a ring of truth to it.

The PlayStation Phone hadn’t been expected to rear its head until next February’s Mobile World Congress bash in Barcelona. Now it seems we’ll at least be getting a teaser of the next-gen Android blower this side of Christmas.

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Via Unwired View