Paper app for iPad launches, brings Microsoft Courier to life

Forget Draw Something and get creative with this beautiful iPad app

Ready for a real drawing app for the iPad? The team behind the ill-fated Microsoft Courier app has realised its vision on Apple's iPad with a gorgeous new notebook application

Has Draw Something given you a new passion for sketching on touchscreen devices? Then you may want to check out the new Paper app for iPad, created by the brains behind the promising, but unrealised Microsoft Courier digital booklet.

Paper, developed by the FiftyThree studio, is a free download which aims to recreate the joys of using a physical notebook or journal and allows easy sharing of notes, sketches, diagrams or illustrations.

There's no overbearing settings and menus, just blank sheets of digital paper ready to fill with your own creativity and beautifully optimised for the new iPad's 2048 x 1536 Retina Display.

When you tap on a notebook, the pages open in a Cover Flow-esque UI, which allows you to easily swipe through the pages. From there, the world is your sketchbook.

The Draw setting comes free with Paper, but the app relies on in-app purchases of a host of specialised drawing and painting tools. The £5.49 Essentials suite brings you the full pack of five: Draw, Colour, Sketch and Outline. SIngle purchases are £1.49.

Via: TheVerge