Original iPhone prototypes surface amidst Apple vs Samsung battle

Early prototype images dating back to 2006 show iPhone 4 design

As the legal battle between Samsung and Apple heats up more and more images have been released showcasing the design direction of the iPhone

Images of original iPhone prototypes have surfaced amidst the legal battle between Apple and Samsung. Both prototypes differ greatly with one showing an all-aluminium design while the other is much more similar to the iPhone 4.

These images are just a small number of the many that have already surfaced during the legal spate including pictures of the first Apple iPad tablet, a prototype that was built before Apple even considered making the iPhone.

Alongside the pictures were some correspondance between Jonathan Ive, the English-born lead designer at Apple and fellow designer Richard Howarth back in 2006.

In these emails the two are seen to be discussing the bonus of using a more iPhone 4 like design over the fully alluminium-clad iPod Nano design despite the fact that Howarth admits the iPhone 4 prototype they had come up with looked 'old fashioned'.

Source: Buzzfeed