OnLive on the iPad currently in the pipeline

Apple tablet amongst the devices mooted for the OnLive treatment

'Real' gaming on the way for the Apple tablet

OnLive, the cloud based gaming service looks set to get compatibility with the iPad bringing a whole new gaming dimension to the Apple tablet.

Having now received an official OnLive UK release date, it has been revealed to T3 that the new gaming platform is eyeing up the iPad as one of many internet-enabled devices being investigated for use with the Universal Wireless Controller also announced today.

Currently there is an OnLive iPad Viewer app that let's you watch games being played, but by using the Universal Wireless Controller that connects via a USB dongle or a wireless link, it will enable iPad owners to play top titles right on their tablets.

OnLive and the Universal Wireless Controller will be demonstrated on an Android tablet which will be the HTC Flyer at E3 2011 next week and T3 will be there to make sure you get a first glimpse at it and find out when it's coming to the iPad.

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Link: OnLive