Nokia N9 release date set by Nokia as September 23rd

Nokia countdown clock reveals N9 release date

The Nokia N9 release date has been confirmed by a countdown clock with the MeeGo handset to land on September 23rd

Nokia’s official Swedish website has revealed the Nokia N9 release date with a countdown clock suggesting the company’s first MeeGo OS touting handset will launch on September 23rd.

Currently showing just under 49 days until the handsets release the Nokia countdown hints very strongly at a September 23rd release for the Nokia N9, a super slim handset that is to land sporting a 3.9-inch AMOLED display with gorilla glass coating for added protection.

Whilst previous reports had suggested the high-end handset would land in the UK on September 15th, the official Nokia release information seems to have dispelled such rumours.

Boasting an 8-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens the Nokia N9 will be the first MeeGo powered handset to come from the Finnish phone manufacturer and will touch down with 16GB or 64GB storage capacities.

Nokia is expected to back up its N9 MeeGo release with the arrival of its first Windows Phone 7 touting handset just weeks later with the WP7 device to land alongside the Mango update for the Microsoft OS.

Which OS will help bolster Nokia’s flailing smartphone offerings MeeGo or Windows Phone 7? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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