Nokia launches Mix Radio, Drive and ESPN Sports Hub apps

Three new services for Windows Phone 7 Nokia handsets

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Alongside the announcment that Nokia is to release two brand new Windows Phone 7 handsets, the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710, Nokia is also launching a range of services for these handsets

Nokia has announced three new services for Windows Phone 7 Nokia phones, Mix Radio, Drive and ESPN Sports Hub, all aimed at making Nokia's WP7 handsets as unique as possible.

Nokia Mix Radio

Mix Radio is a music streaming service which comes free with the Lumia 800, it works by choosing mixes made up of 'locally-relevant' music which can then be streamed straight from the Lumia 800. Nokia has also confirmed that in an update later this year users will soon be able to create their own mixes and channels from a catalogue of millions of songs.

Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps

Next up is Nokia's improved maps service which is a combination of Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps. The first is a turn-by-turn navigation app which has built-in maps information and features a car-based mode which lets you turn the Lumia 800 easily into a car navigation system. Nokia Maps is essentially an update on the well-known Ovi Maps but for Windows Phone 7.

Nokia ESPN Sports Hub

Finally Nokia ESPN Sports Hub is an upcoming app from Nokia and ESPN which will let you follow any team you want, right down to the players themselves. By integrating ESPN's news feeds the app will let you create live tiles personalised to a team, league or even just one player. There's not much known yet as the app is still in the production stages but it has great potential to bring sports to a smartphone in a new way.

What do you think, are these killer features for the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

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