Nintendo Wii 2 to be announced at E3 in June?

EA label head says Nintendo "coming back with 2nd act"

Follow-up to Nintendo's motion-controlled cash cow may finally make its appearance at this year's E3.

We've already heard talk of Nintendo gearing up to announce the Wii 2 at E3, and now Frank Gibeau, label head at EA games, has chucked in his two cents on the rumours, calling the Wii a "legacy console" and hinting that Nintendo are indeed putting together an updated version of the bestselling, motion-controlled console.

"When you look at Nintendo, for a while there, it was all about the Wii being the biggest entertainment platform ever and capturing the mass market, and it faded away." Gibeau told "Now, they’re coming back with a second act."

Gibeau also hinted that the next Nintendo Wii would be able to compete more directly with its two biggest rivals, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360: "[Nintendo] understand the dynamics and the fact that HD consoles is a booming part of business right now. Legacy platforms like PS2 and the Wii have dropped off significantly. They’re not stupid. They’re going to figure something out. They’re going to come back at it."

Rumours on the interweb are that the Wii 2 will boast a quad-core processor, HD screen and some kind of LED projector. Is Nintendo about to introduce us to some form of projector-based gaming as weird as motion controllers seemed in 2006? We'll know, fingers crossed, come June.

Via: Industrygamers