Nintendo 3DS to get 3D video recording?

Future upgrade could bring more than just 3D snaps

Nintendo to bring more cut-price 3D magic to the 3DS?

Everyone knows by now that the March-launching, £200-ish-costing Nintendo 3DS can take 3D photos using its dual cameras, but we'd heard nary a whisper of the possibility of shooting 3D video with the device.

But in a new interview on the Nintendo japanese site, designer Shigeru Miyamoto drops hints that Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata may be considering adding 3D video recording to the device via the onboard WiFi update system.

We'd love to see Nintendo's push to democratise 3D technology result in a 3D camcorder addition to the 3DS, but what, we have to ask, will this do to the already shaky battery life?

3D video recording on the 3DS: answered prayer or unnecessary frill? Let us know via e-mail or on the T3 Twitter feed.