Nintendo 3DS delay explained

Iwata outlines why 2010 launch impossible

Shortages predicted if new handheld hub had landed this year.

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata has been explaining why the much-vaunted 3DS has been delayed until 2011 over in Japan. The Ninty exec said that while he had wanted to get the new console out this year, shortages would have been rife.

"At first we thought it would be desirable to launch the 3DS within the year, so we made our forecasts on that basis. At this point it is clear that if we launch within the year, we will not be able to supply enough units."

The news of a 26 February release in Japan has been met with disappointment by Nintendo fans, who wanted to get their hands on one as soon as possible. It had been initially expected that the 3DS would arrive in Japan ahead of Christmas, before rolling out globally in the New Year.

In spite of Iwata’s claims, many still suspect the 3DS will be in short supply for months after launch, as demand skyrockets. Just think how well the Wii did at launch.

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Via Eurogamer