New iPad Mini pictures surface showing early prototype mould

Design seems to confirm a 7-inch tablet is in the works from Apple

An early engineering sample may not be the most definitive proof but it's certainly the closest we've come to seeing what could be the new iPad Mini

New iPad Mini pictures have leaked onto the web showcasing what could be Apple's first 7-inch tablet whilst supporting many of the theories surrounding both the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

Obtained via a 'trusted source' GottaBeMobile has published images of what appears to be an early engineering sample of the 7-inch tablet showcasing not only a new design but also the smaller 19-pin connector that has already been seen on early iPhone 5 prototype pictures.

Apple has always insisted that the current 9-inch form-factor of the New iPad is the perfect size for tablets however growing competition from the likes of Motorola and Samsung may well have pushed the company into competing.

On the underside of the tablet are two speakers instead of one while the tablet itself appears to be thinner than the current iPad suggesting that Apple will be employing the new screen technology from Sharp which allows for a thinner design whilst still maintaining brightness and resolution.

Source: GottaBeMobile