Moleskine iPad and iPhone iCovers outed

Give your iOS device a classy covering

Notepad included on sleek new sleeves for Apple gadgets.

So, that Etch-A-Sketch iPad cover a tad too, um, childish for your grown up tastes? Well, how about one of these new efforts from classic notebook maker Moleskine.

There’s one for the iPad and one for the iPhone, the latter only supporting the old-school 3G and 3GS however. Each one comes with a suede lining to stop nasty scratches, plus a notebook inside for scribbling your thoughts when you can’t be faffed with your iOS gadget’s touchscreen.

Everything else is pure Moleskine, right down to the elastic band to stop the cover opening and the little note inside about it being the ‘pad of choice for Hemingway and Chatwin.

You can pre-order one now directly from Moleskine, although prices are yet to be confirmed. Sound like a winner? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Link: Moleskine