London to become 'electric car capital of Europe'

150 charging points added in the English capital

Source London scheme adds 150 charging points to the capital

London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced a new scheme, called Source London that is set to add 150 charging points for electric cars around England's capital city.

Electric cars have failed to make a full impact on the motoring industry due to fears that batteries will need recharging after 100 miles, and the minimal number of charging points around the cities such as London could leave drivers stranded without access to “fuel”.

"I want to rapidly accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles and make London the epicentre of electric driving in Europe," said London Mayor Boris Johnson.

He continued: "One of the biggest hurdles to greater use of electric vehicles has been a lack of charging points. But now Londoners will see Source London points popping up in locations all over the capital.”

The Source London scheme will increase the number of points from approximately 250 to around 400, with future objectives targeting 1,300 by 2013; a feat that would put Londoners to within one mile of a charging point at any time.

Owners of electric cars are to pay a membership of £100 annually, giving them infinite access to charging points across the capital, with prospects of collaborating with the East of England project.

2011 has been sighted as the breakthrough year for electric cars with Nissan, Mitsubshi, Vauxhall, Toyota and Renault all planning to release an electric car.

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Link: Guardian