ITV Player expansion to include PS3, iPhone and iPad?

BlackBerry another possibility for on-demand service

ITV set sights on BBC iPlayer success

ITV is currently in talks to expand its on-demand catch-up service, ITV Player across a number of new devices according to a report by the Daily Telegraph,

Sony’s PS3 console, BlackBerry and Apple mobile handsets and the upcoming Google TV service could all be in line to receive ITV’s online service.

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The move by ITV would mark a clear attempt to answer the cross-platform expansion success that the BBC has seen with its similar BBC iPlayer service. Unlike the BBC, which is already available on a number of devices, ITV would be looking toward a paid for app to cover the costs of the expansion.

A spokesperson for ITV has said: "Viewers are consuming content on a range of platforms to suit their lifestyles so we want to make our content available when and where consumers want to watch it. We are considering options for this as part of our ongoing strategic review."

Another company that has successfully expanded its TV coverage across a range of media device is Sky. Partnerships with Freeview box manufacturers, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 games console and Apple’s new iPad tablet has seen Sky’s coverage become accessible to both portable users and those not wishing to fork out for a new Sky+ setup.

Although ITV has yet to give any official word on when this expansion would be put into action, its recent iPhone app release offering live World Cup streaming to the Apple handset could mark the first step on a new expansion ladder.