iPhone 5 release to see 'standard' and 'pro' models

Apple to launch two variants of the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 to be made available in new 'standard' and 'pro' forms

With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) now just a month away rumours surrounding the mooted iPhone 5 have kicked into overdrive with latest reports suggesting Apple will launch two iPhone 5 models.

Apple iPhone 5 video

Source: Apple iPhone 5 video | T3 Tech Videos


These two models won’t simply be the classic black and white combinations, however, reports from the iPhone download blog suggest the fifth generation Apple blower will land in ‘standard’ and ‘pro’ formats making the device more accessible and attuned to a wider audience.

The claims which come from “an employee of an Apple part supplier,” suggest that the iPhone 5, which will reportedly feature a significant redesign over the iPhone 4, come following the revelation that Apple is buying a variety of handset components that vary in quality and performance potential.

Whilst tradition would suggest Apple is to unveil the iPhone 5 at next month’s WWDC event, numerous reports have claimed the handset’s release is to be held back until September to launch alongside the refresh to the much loved range of iPod devices.

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Via: iPhone download blog