iPad Mini 2 arriving March 2013?

Mini iPad to get HD update along with faster specs

With Apple's mini iPad proving to be a huge success over Christmas Apple will no doubt be looking to keep things fresh, perhaps by adding a Retina display and faster specs?

The Apple iPad Mini 2 release date could be as soon as March 2013 according to analyst Brian White who, after seeing the trends at CES, believes the company could be looking to update the iPad Mini with a Retina display and faster specs.

The mini iPad was first announced in October 2012 signaling Apple's intention to take on the smaller tablets like the Google Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD.

Despite boasting a screen that was below HD the iPad Mini does have the advantage of boasting the Apple App Store which recently celebrated having over 40 billion downloads.

Brian White, who works at Topeka, has also claimed that Apple will be launching the iPhone 6 in a range of different colours and would also be offering up a budget iPhone in an effort to tackle the budget Android market which is proving to be a huge success.

According to White and other analysts Apple could be looking to shorten the time between product launches in order to maintain their competitiveness over the likes of Samsung and HTC who will almost certainly be launching new phones at MWC 2013.

Source: MacRumours