iPad App News: Microsoft Office breaks cover

Update: Microsoft says screenshot of Office on iPad is a fake

Office for iPad may be imminent following a hands-on preview from iPad-only newspaper The Daily. The paper reports that Microsoft will be submitting the completed suite soon

MIcrosoft looks ready to unleash its Office apps for the Apple iPad following the first look at a working prototype of the suite.

iPad-only newspaper The Daily has obtained hands-on with time Office, Powerpoint and Excel on the Apple tablet and reports that Microsoft is about to submit the apps for App Store approval.

The report claims that documents, presentations and spreadsheets can be created both online and locally, while the suite seems to come as a complete package, rather than the rumoured standalone apps.

The Daily reckons Microsoft has now completed design work on Office for iPad, which bares hallmarks of the Metro UI seen on Windows Phone devices and the soon-to-be-released Windows 8 operating system.

The report also notes that there are no plans afoot to bring the suite to Android at present.

UPDATE: Microsoft has told Zdnet that that The Daily's report is based on speculation and the screenshot above "is not a real picture of a Microsoft software product."

Via: The Daily