iPad app news: Dark Horse comics app launched

Hellboy and Emily The Strange come to the App Store

Dark Horse characters join Spidey and Superman on the iPad

Comic book publisher Dark Horse has launched a free app for the Apple iPad and iPhone, joining rival stables Marvel and DC on the App Store.

The launch sees classic titles like Hellboy, Axe Cop, Buffy, Conan and Emily The Strange arrive on the iPad for the first time, with titles starting at just $0.99 (that's 59p in proper money), while there's also a host of free comics for users to download.

Other titles available through the Dark Horse iPad app include The Umbrella Academy, The Terminator, Star Wars Let Me In and the The Mass Effect comic series.

While Dark Horse doesn't boast many of the household names like Spider-Man and Batman, the publisher is renowned for producing great graphic novels with a little more of an adult edge.

The app boasts cloud storage for all users meaning that your comics will sit on a digital bookshelf without using up vital hard-drive space on your hard-drive.

Link: iTunes