iPad app news: Bing adds Lasso copy and paste feature

Just throw a lasso over sections of text for easy C&P

New feature tops Apple's copy and paste method.

Microsoft has released an update for its excellent Bing search app, which provides an easy solution to the often-awkward copy and paste experience on touchscreen devices.

The new Lasso feature enables users to draw a freehand circle around the block of text which they'd like to search and the app will automatically copy the text.

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Bing will then automatically start a new search based on the text you've copied.

The Lasso method used by the Bing app replaces Apple's own, somewhat clunky, method which involves holding down the touchscreen on a particular word, spreading the highlighted section and hitting the copy button.

Once that is done, you can paste that text into the search bar by pressing down on the empty area and adding your chosen text. The Bing solution is a lot more straightforward.

The new update is available to download now from the Apple App Store now.

Link: Bing (via Slashgear)