iPad app news: Battleship HD lands on iPad

iPad owners get to say "You have sunk my battleship"

iPad game joins iPhone and iPod touch outing in the App Store.

What's old is new again. Electronic Arts has taken ye olde past time of Battleship and launched it on Apple's sparkly iPad tablet in HD form.

The official app, which is available for the introductory price of £1.89, lets you enter combat in single player action against the CPU, two player warfare on the same iPad as well as a two-player iDevice-iDevice mode.

If you want to pretend your iPad's CPU boats waters full of dastardly Russian subs then there are three modes on offer: Classic, Salvo and Super Weapons mode.

The app has been available for the iPhone and iPod touch for a good while now, but the iPad version brings HD quality graphics, the advantages of playing on the bigger screen and an enhanced UI.

For those youngsters unfamiliar with Battleship, it's a slightly murderous strategy game in which players are required to take down the vessels of their opponents by guessing where they have placed their boasts until their challenger is forced to utter the dreaded cry "You have sunk my Battleship."

The origins of the game go back to pre-World War I when it was played using pen and paper. After that it was the tradition board-based adventure. It was first digitised in 1977 by Milton Bradley's Electronic Battleship game.

Link: iTunes (via TUAW)