iOS 4 UK launch time expected for 5pm today

Multi-tasking and folders coming to iPhone 3GS

Today's the day but iPhone users still wait for new OS

Apple is to launch the new operating system for its handheld devices today (June 21st) as iOS 4 sets to bring multi-tasking and more than 100 other new features to the iPhone.

iPhone and iPod Touch users will be reduced to compulsively clicking ‘Check for Update’ on iTunes throughout the day as they await the new OS that Apple has failed to release a precise launch time for.

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However, the general consensus from the mounds of ‘informed’ Apple fans and industry experts on the web would suggest that the update is to become available for download at 9am Pacific Standard Time in the US meaning a 5pm rush for the UK’s iPhone contingency. Last year, the iPhone 3 operating system was set live at 10am PCT (6PM GMT).

Apple’s decision to not unveil the precise time of the iOS 4 launch could be a deliberate move to protect itself and the iTunes store from an influx of global traffic.

The Apple Store suffered such problems last week when the Apple iPhone 4 was made available for pre-order. The large traffic volumes flooding the Apple Store looking to secure themselves the latest Apple device saw the site crash and users have to wait to part with their cash.

iPhone 3G and 3GS owners, as well as iPod Touch users will need to install iTunes version 9.2 to their desktops and laptops in order to download iOS 4 later today.

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