HP TouchPad goes back on sale, briefly

The discontinued tablet made a surprising reappearance on HP's website

HP surprised many last night by once again making the discontinued webOS powered tablet the HP TouchPad available for purchase from the company's online store, it was promptly removed

First it was discontinued, then sales soared thanks to a knockdown price, then the HP TouchPad went back on sale on HP's website late yesterday, for full price. But only for a short while, then it was pulled, then put back up again, then taken down once more. What's it playing at?H

The 32GB model was put back on sale for $249.99, according to Precentral.net. It was taken down, then offered back up again, then taken down once more. The $249.99 price is nowhere near as cheap as the bargain basement price HP sold it for during the clear out. When it was sold out, the company announced more units would be available soon.

When we checked HP's site Tuesday morning, the TouchPad page said Sold out.

A note on the US site reads: "We are unfortunately sold out at this time, however a limited supply of units will be made available in the coming weeks and months. We will continue to communicate the details here about when, where, and how you can purchase an HP TouchPad when those are available."

Watch this space.

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