Grand Theft Auto: Vice City coming to iOS and Android

Classic 80's title makes the move to mobile gaming

After the success of Grand Theft Auto III on iOS and Android Rockstar Games has seen fit to port another classic title to the mobile gaming format and so the 80's are heading to iPhone

To celebrate 10 years of Love Fist, Tommy Vercetti and Steve Scott the aging porn director, Rockstar Games will be launching Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the iPhone 5 and other iOS devices and on selected Android devices.

The classic title sees Tommy Vercetti take on the Miami underworld in a glorious blaze of bright lights, hard drugs and over-the-top characters. After the success of Grand Theft Auto III on iPhone and iPad the company has decided to go one step further.

Continuing the celebration Rockstar will also be releasing never-before-seen artwork as well as a special anniversary trailer for the game which will feature the best bits of Vice City.

The game will also featured remastered graphics as well as some in-game treats for the mobile version of the game. No word on an official release date as yet but Rockstar says stay tuned as the announcement will be coming in a few weeks.