Gran Turismo 5 aimed at PS4?

Detail in GT5 goes 'beyond the level of the current Playstation'

With PS3 3D on the way, GT5 is already looking ahead to the 'next generation'

Polyphony Digital boss Kaz Yamauchi has made the bold claim that the new Gran Turismo game may in fact, be too advanced for the current Playstation 3.

Due November 2nd, this latest installment in the hyper authentic racing series will feature over 200 'premium' cars, all rendered to a reportedly staggering level of detail. Speaking to OPM magazine Kaz Yamauchi says:

'The level of precision we've achieved [in GT5] is actually more suited to the next generation of machines.'


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Making things yet more inticing OPM goes on to talk about the levels of detail included in the game:

'GT5 accurately models mechanical and cosmetic damage to an absurd degree, and whilst the classic models will buckle and crumple, those newer models will near-disintegrate'

Link: OPM (via CVG)