Google Nexus S release delayed to 22 December

Buyers have 3 days to get it before Christmas

We can hope for a Nexus S Christmas yet!

While Carphone Warehouse had last week shown the Google Nexus S as in-stock for an all-too-brief period, the latest update is that the Nexus S' release will be delayed.

The Google Nexus S had its price slashed in the UK to £429.95 SIM-free, as T3 reported; however the coveted handset will not be available until three days before Christmas.

Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy will be selling the Google Nexus S from 22 December onwards, which leaves little time for Christmas shoppers to get their hands on the handset.

TechRadar reports Carphone Warehouse as saying, "Due to strong customer interest, limited stock will be available to buy direct at key Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy stores in the UK."

Other branches will take orders allowing customers to pick up the phone from a store of their preference.

In addition, early birds who pre-ordered the phone before its price drop will be availing of the new price.

There are still three days to get the handset from the time of its release - here's hoping the weather doesn't leave us Nexus-less at Christmas.

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Via: TechRadar