Flickr rival 500px gets native Android app, brings iPad update

Bringing photography to the Google Play store and your iOS Photostream

500px hits the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets, while the high-end photo-sharing service has also upgraded its Android app to allow in-app purchases and HD photos

Amid all of the talk about the Intsagram/Facebook deal, another popular photo-sharing service has been quietly enhancing its mobile offering.

The 500px site, which puts a greater emphasis on high-quality snaps and giving photographers and enthusiasts a means to buy and sell work, has just launched a native app for Android and improved its iPad add-on.

The service, which is more of a rival to the likes of Flickr than it is to Instagram, is available for smartphones and tablets running Android 2.2 or higher and allows you to browse the vast libraries of stunning photography, manage your own photos and share them to sites like Facebook and Twitter.

You can filter photos by category, add to your favourites, leave comments and view slideshows of each photo in a set. The minimalist app also displays full screen photos, allowing you to view and appreciate without distractions.

500px has also updated its iOS app allowing users to license photos from the site so they can be stored on your device, through in-app purchases. The app also makes use of the iPad's new Retina Display, with a 30 per improvement in photo resolution.

HD photos can be purchased for $2.99 (about £1.99) a pop and will also appear in your iCloud Photostream as well as your 500px account.

Both the Android and iPad apps are free to download now

Via: TheVerge