FIFA 11 details touted

New passing system and custom chants incoming

Latest in FIFA lineup due in autumn, but plans are already slipping out from EA.

The World Cup is two days away and the new season remains a distant dream for those already tired of the circus that is the England team. But EA is already priming itself for FIFA 11, with a string of new details about the next-gen footie game emerging.

Word is there’ll be a spanking new passing system to make it harder to ping the ball about at the back. There’ll also be a bigger focus on individual skills, as well as more custom body types to help you distinguish between players. Reports of Wayne Rooney getting a Shrek meets Hulk-style makeover remain unconfirmed.

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Perhaps the coolest change, though, comes off the pitch. Plans are afoot to customise your team’s chants and intro music. That potentially means recording foul-mouthed tirades on the terraces and uploading them for your gaming pleasure. Hounding Ashley Cole while not at an actual game is looking like a real possibility.

EA is also said to be plotting a string of new tricks, including backspin loft, allowing you to take Ronaldo-style free kicks. All-in-all, it sounds like this update is going to be every bit as good as the ace FIFA 10.

Via Eurogamer