Facebook single sign on hitting Sony Ericsson Android phones

Easy access to Facebook-friendly apps incoming

No more pesky passwords across multiple apps on Sony Ericsson's Android line-up.

Facebook’s single sign on feature is hitting all Sony Ericsson phones that pack in Google Android. The news was announced last night by SE’s Martin Essl, and sees the mobile maker become the first to utilise the feature.

Single sign on was unveiled back in November in order to prevent multiple Facebook sign-ins whenever you use apps or web pages that connect with the social network. Instead, you only need to log into one app to access all the ones that utilise Facebook. Essentially, it acts like Facebook Connect for your phone.

In Sony Ericsson’s case, Essl said you’ll be able to use single sign on when you set up your blower. What’s more, all Sony Ericsson phones will now come preloaded with the official Facebook Android app, making the process even smoother.

Sony Ericsson says the update will be coming to its Android phones “in a couple of months”, which we admit sounds disconcertingly vague. Will this make using Facebook on the move even easier? Tell us on our own Facebook page, or on Twitter.

Via TechCrunch