EA offer free game as apology for SimCity

Company offer compensation for crippling server issues

Electronic Arts' launch of the new SimCity game was plagued with server issues. Early adopters will be offered the gift of a free game to compensate.

The highly anticipated new edition of the popular metropolis building game suffered in the hands of its own popularity. The launch upset many of the users as the EA server failed to handle the capacity of people playing.

Maxis general manager, Lucy Bradshaw, posted on EA's official blog, "To get us back in your good graces, we're going to offer you a free PC download game from the EA portfolio." All SimCity players who've activated by March 18 will receive an e-mail to help them redeem their game - which game this is remains to be seen.

As far as solving the server problems, Bradshaw expresses that they are committed to fixing it, "In the last 48 hours we have increased server capacity by 120 percent." Reporting that "disrupted experiences" have dropped by 80 percent following the update.

More good news for SimCity fans as the blog post suggests users could move beyond the launch problems as early as this weekend.

The full blog post can be seen here.