EA offer $100 'Elite' DLC car in Need for Speed World

High priced downloadable content taken to new levels with EA's 'Elite' NFS car

EA's Need for Speed World MMO has been handed a hefty in-game purchase with the CCX Elite Edition car landing with a $100 download fee

Gaming giant EA has looked to capitalise on the current trend for highly priced additional in-game content with a single DLC car hitting the online Need for Speed World with a $100 (£64.54) price tag.

Touted as the first in a series of upcoming “premium elite” vehicles headed to the free-to-play MMO racer, the Need for Speed World locked CCX Elite Edition car will set wannabe virtual drivers back a hefty sum.

Getting into the Christmas spirit and looking to tempt overpaid gamers with a cut price offering EA will be selling in game use of the CCX Elite for $75 (£48.40) until December 21st before it jumps to its frankly astronomical $100 pricing.

EA has been critisiced previously for its high in game download prices with the recently launched ‘freemium app’, Theme Park, hitting iOS devices with some downloadable rides costing gamers as much as $60 a pop.

What do you make of the increase in pricey in-game purchases, an acceptable option or ridiculously over priced rip off? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: CVG