Dell Streak Android 2.1 UK update surfaces

Unofficial Eclair update available for Android device

Will the US Dell Streak go straight to Android 2.2 though?

Dell Streak owners in the UK eager to upgrade the Android device, can now now get their hands on Android 2.1 after a firmware update was leaked out onto the web.

The Streak which launched in the UK in June, only shipped with Android 1.6, but if you head to the website Modaco you can now unofficially download the Android 2.1 Eclair update. On taking this drastic action however, you are likely to leave your warranty in tatters in the process.


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Android 2.1 Eclair which is considered more suited to the Streak's best features, brings live wallpapers and an improved Android Market interface amongst other notable improvements over the now aged Android 1.6 OS.

Meanwhile, over in the US where the Dell Streak has only just gone on sale, it appears Dell is considering bypassing Android 2.1 all together and offering an update to Android FroYo 2.2.

According to a tweet made by Dell's Lionel Menchacha he claimed, "From the info I have, current plan in the US is to go right to Froyo. #dellstreak".

We'll keep you updated as soon as Dell Streak owners can tuck into Eclair or (fingers crossed) FroYo in the UK.

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