Call of Duty 8: first details

Black Ops sequel due to land next year says studio

Real military situations coming to eighth installment of mega-franchise.

Call of Duty: Black Ops isn’t due to land until November, but already the eighth version of the best-selling series is being primed, with early details slipping out on Twitter.

Sledgehammer Games is the studio behind COD 8, which is set to land next year, before Infinity Ward takes over for the ninth version, its successor to the awesome Modern Warfare 2. Sledgehammer boss Glen Schofield says, though, that we can expect something pretty impressive from COD 8.

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"Working w/ military guys- their stories will blow you away. Names/locations will change but some situations going in the game- real stuff!" said Schofield’s tweet. He went on to say he thought the game could eclipse Sledgehammer’s other big time success, Dead Space.

COD 8 is seen as a spin off from the series rather than a true sequel. Either way, it seems we’ll all be making like the military with our consoles for the best part of 2011.

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