BT introduce Wi-Fi hotspot app for iPad users

iPad users to benefit from BT's free Wi-Fi scheme.

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BT WiFi iPad App
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BT Wi-Fi App

BT launch free WiFi iPad app

British Telecom has launched a new iPad app for BT Home Broadband customers allowing users to gain quick and easy access to the company’s expansive Wi-Fi hotspot service.

The free to download app which is available in the iTunes App Store now will offer iPadders the same simplistic access to the 2 million plus BT Openzone and BT Fon wireless hotspots that has been available to iPhone and Android handset users for some time.

To make use of the simplified automated system all users need do is kick start the app and enter their BT Broadband login details once. Following this initial setup iPad-touting Home Broadband users need only to open the app whilst in the vicinity of a BT Wi-Fi hotspot to gain instant, free access to the internet.

John Petter, managing director, for BT Retail Consumer, said: “Millions of BT broadband customers already get free access to the UK’s biggest Wi-Fi network. Our free app for the iPhone and Android devices has proved a huge hit with over 400,000 downloads to date, so launching an app for the iPad was naturally the next step.”

He added: "The app makes accessing Wi-Fi so simple you don’t even have to think about it and represents real value to our customers at a time when more and more people are accessing the internet when they are on the move."

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