Apple patent hints towards imminent 3G MacBook arrival

New patent filing shows Apple's plans for 3G Mac range

Removable antenna to feature in upcoming MacBook models

Apple patents offer a tantalising look into the future of the Cupertino tech giant with the latest filing hinting towards the imminent arrival of a 3G capable MacBook.

The new patent, which was officially granted to Apple earlier this week, shows a MacBook laptop with an inbuilt, adjustable 3G wireless antenna which would allow users to make use of wireless internet on the move much like on the iPhone or iPad.

Hinged to allow users to move the antenna to the optimal point of reception, Apple appears to attach the 3G wireless receiver with magnets, similar to those that hook the Smart Cover to the new iPad 2, ensuring it does not simply snap and break when knocked, bumped or generally given a rigorous whack.

Presenting an intriguing look at spec options that might soon face wannabe MacBook and MacBook Air owners, the latest filing is not the only patent from Apple to hint towards 3G capable laptop computers. An earlier patent application from the company suggested future MacBooks will host a 3G antenna crafted into their outer casing, much like the issue hit Apple iPhone 4.

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